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Personal Consultants

 Here at MarzWire LLC, we offer personal lifestyle consulting, life coaching and personal development services in a variety of fields. Our primary targeted areas are lifestyle decisions centered around finances and nutritional based concerns. Many people at times are unsure or unclear about how past events in their lives may still be affecting them. So much so that the journey of life has become uncomfortable and confusing at times. For those reasons our consultants here at MarzWire LLC offer a solution-based approach for devising strategies that allow our clients to reach their stated goals with a laser like focus. 

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Exceeding Your Expectations

Whether it's a lack of clarity when it comes to your personal finances, or a future business endeavor that has you concerned...Possibly you might be feeling somewhat withdrawn and unhealthy due to bad eating habits along with a lack of discipline. Maybe current relationships in your life have become toxic causing you to make some bad decisions. Either way we can help you figure out the most efficient ways to reach your goals and step back into your power. Below is a list of services 

-Relationship Coaching

 Learning how to fill empty voids and regain self-worth within long term partnerships

becoming aware of toxic environments early in relationships through special techniques 

-Financial Coaching and Consulting

If you are to looking to become more knowledgeable regarding your financial circumstances needing a professional advisor or maybe you want to learn and understand Crypto Currency, NFT's etc. Possibly you may have a business matter that needs consulting, either way we can help

-Nutritional Coaching and Consulting

Here at MarzWire LLC our success rates for many of our clients throughout are good, however in this department its great as our company founder and CEO is a cancer survivor and truly believes that his healing came from a combination of holistic foods and methods along with certain spiritual techniques. So, whether its cancer, diabetes, or hypertension.... Anxiety or depression our team are trained and ready to consult 

-Becoming Aligned within the Divine

 If you are feeling as if something is missing inside, or maybe you are seeking your higher life's purpose we can help you do that with a 3 month course called Align with the Divine. In this course an individual will discover their true purpose as the Universe desires, within the higher design intended for a linear peaceful life and happiness.  

We offer a free virtual 60 minute consultation session with a member of our team to determine which services may be best for you, feel free to call the office 212-884-2972 or email us at and set it up today!

If you are unsure about what type of LifestyleCoach or Consultant that you need, contact us and fill out an Assessment form to help determine which of our services might serve you best. Just write the word "Assessment" in the GET IN TOUCH section below and someone from our staff will email you an Assessment form that you can fill out.

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MarzWire LLC is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

1700 Market street, Suite 1005 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Office 212-884-2972

Fax 212-884-2973

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